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James Smiley

"Over $1 Million Dollars With James"

We did over $1 million dollars in 10 months with James' systems!  If you want leverage... you need this!

- Chris O'Bryne
Jetlaunch, CEO
James Smiley

"Listen to James... I DO!"

James is one of the few people I consider a real "mentor" and if you don't listen to him, you're crazy.

- Josh Forti
Leading Millennial Influencer
James Smiley

"We raised $1.3 million with James' help"

My mobile app idea blew up with James as a strategic advisor.  His systems flat out work (unless you hate rapid growth)!

Jacob Reitzen
Dude I Need A Truck, CEO
James Smiley

"James is someonone I trust in the industry"

James is a friend and we've learned a lot from each other over the years.  The dude is for real!

Steve Larsen
Most In-Demand Online Consultant
James Smiley

"WOW...dude's legit!"

I've spoke at James' events before and networked with him in the past and all I can say is this dude is the real-deal.  

Akbar Sheikh
Multi-2 Comma Club Winner
James Smiley

"...I did $54,000 in my first 30 days!"

James' secrets showed me how to use people and skills I already had to get a massive deal closed in weeks, not months or years!

Sonya Lee
Online Influencer & 
Startup Queen
James Smiley

"I build a million dollar business with James' help!

Coaching with James Smiley is the best thing that ever happened to my business!

David Wolff
Ocean Habitats, CEO
James Smiley

"I made my investment back in less than 45 days!"

This is what happens when you work with an expert who really cares and is there for you.

Kurt Hynes
Pharmacy Career Coach, CEO
This Is Your Chance To Get James On Your Team For The Next 12 Months!
KING Of B2B Digital Marketing
James Has Been Feature On:
James Has Spoken At:
Companies James Has Served:
  •  $210M In Digital Marketing Sales Before 35 Years Old
  •  $350M Silicon Valley IPO, With Over 15.5 Million Subscribers
  •  Consulted 3 Fortune 10's (Facebook, AT&T, Amazon)
  •  564+ Executive Coached
  •  Trained Over 12,000 B2B Sales Reps
  •  Coached Over 10,000 Soloprenuers
  •  Weekly Social Media Reach - 250,000 views
  •    Forbes And Yahoo - "Top Under 40 Entrepreneur"
  •  #1 Best Selling Author In All 5 Top Entrepreneur Categories
Publications such as Yahoo Finance and Fortune 10's such as AT&T, Facebook, and Amazon have rated James as one of the top entrepreneurs under 40.

He has led $0 to $20M growth for two different companies, been a part of a Silicon Valley SaaS IPO in his 20's, and co-founded an innovation practice at AT&T overseeing over 400 resellers and 2000 wholesalers. 
James has been the behind-the-scenes adviser for over 564 C-Level executives and 7-figure entrepreneurs. His primary focus is on rapid revenue growth

James has published 7 books, published over 10,000 videos, and delivered over 600 live speeches.

James is also played some college football and is a former Bassmaster pro angler and has fished in the Bassmaster National Championship.
7-Figure Online Business Growth Expert | 2-Comma Club Reward Winner
Danny Has Been Feature On:
  •  One of the Most Successful Entrepreneurs under 40
  •  2 Comma Club Winner
  •  Famous campaigns include "$200 in ad spend for $900k in real estate sales" & "...."
  •  Digital Marketing Conference Speaker
Generating leads for local businesses was an everyday thing to him now. Mortgage, real estate, chiropractors, dentist, eCommerce, roofers, pool builders – you name it… He had done it in some way or another.
He launched the fastest growing Facebook group… Entrepreneur Hustle. It’s grown to over 25,000 members since January 2017… 100% organically – in 7 months.
His Facebook Ads for Complete Newbies training has helped over 500 students on running Facebook Ads and sales funnels – and a lot of them have built a high 6 figure agencies.
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"James is one of the top under-40 entrepreneurs around today... get with him and listen to him!"
Kevin Harrington
TV Star of Emmy-Award Winning TV Show "Shark tank",
Founder of the Informercial  & As Seen on TV
"James' integrity and character are hard to find and that's why he's THE BEST at what he does..."
James Malinchak
Star Of The Hit ABC TV Show
"Secret Millionaire"
CEO Of Big Money Speaker Bootcamp
"James is THE BEST in the country at B2B Digital Marketing..."
Jesse Doubek
World Renown Social Media Expert
Clients Include Brendan Burchard, 
Chalene Johnson, John Assaraf, & Russell Brunson
"Working with James has helped me build an amazing online revenue generating platform..."
p.o.w. jessica lynch
American War Hero, The Only Woman Prisioner of War Rescued, American Celebrity, #1 New York Times Best Seller, Speaker
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